Just for fun…

I did a bunch of those Old Wive’s Tales to predict the gender of our baby.  Some of them I can’t do until I start showing, but I did the Chinese Gender Chart, the wedding ring on the string, and the heartbeat one.  Now with the Chinese Gender Chart, you supposedly have to make sure you are using one that takes into account your Lunar age.  The one the The Bump does not.  So I did one I found online and it says….GIRL!  And then I put my wedding ring on a string and had John dangle it above my belly.  If it sways back and forth, it means boy, and if it sways in a circular motion, it means girl.  That test said GIRL also!  And heatbeats above 140 bpm mean GIRL and that is what our LO’s hb has been.

So obviously we aren’t going to paint the nursery pink yet.  We will wait another 8 weeks until our anatomy scan, but it was just for fun  🙂

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