Vegas and 10 weeks!

This last week went by really fast!  Between the OB appt and then leaving for Vegas 🙂   We had a GREAT time in Vegas!  Lea, Lindsey, and I arrived around 3 on Friday.  We checked into Paris, and then walked the North part of the Strip.  I didn’t make it North of the Venetian last time, so I wanted to go farther too.  We didn’t go farther than Treasure Island, so I still haven’t seen the Stratosphere, but there’s always next time.  We went into the Flamingo and saw the bird habitat that they have.  And we watched the pirate show outside of Treasure Island and then watched the volcano erupt at the Mirage and then the beautiful Bellagio Fountains.  All neat stuff to do that was free!  I bought Lindsey a big slushy drink because she wasn’t 21 yet and I even posed in some silly pictures so it would look like I was drinking while there too 🙂

Then we just hung out in our hotel for a bit until Tanya got there around 10.  Lea and Lindsey’s older brother, Dustin, and his girlfriend, Karlie, came for the weekend also, so Lea and Lindsey were really excited to have all their siblings together (living at least–we all wished Jerome could’ve been there).  We played slots for a little bit and then Dustin and Karlie went back to NY NY where they were staying.  We ate at a restaurant in Paris that had a view of the Bellagio fountains, and then went to bed so we could save our energy for the next day.

We walked the South part of the strip on Saturday, and the girls got a guitar full of more slushy drinks 🙂  It was 80 oz with 8 shots!  It took them a really long time to drink them.

We ran into a group of guys there on a bachelor party and they asked to take a picture with us.  When they found out it was Lindsey’s 21st Birthday, they asked if she would be on top of their pyramid and chug a beer.  I said no–I thought it was a bad idea.  But Lindsey said, “Hell yes I will!!”  So she did and it was actually pretty hilarious between the 2 times she fell off!

We visited the M&M store and there were a bunch of fun people on the side of the street dressed up as Elvis and Showgirls and The Cookie Monster of all things 🙂  We went and saw the lions at the MGM and hung out in NY NY for a little bit.  Lea, Tanya, and I sat out the roller coaster, but everyone else went on it and had a great time.  We went to Cirque du Soleil “O” show at the Bellagio that night.  It was absolutely amazing and we really enjoyed it!

Then it was time to get ready to party for Lindsey’s birthday.  We went back to the room so they could change and drink a little bit.  Lea got Lindsey a sash that said “Finally Legal 21” and a tiara that said “Birthday Bitch.”  Then Dustin said to meet us in a half hour so we went down to the casino floor of Paris.  We ran into a group of older guys (one of them was wearing an Oregon shirt!) and they decided to buy Lindsey a drink.  She technically wasn’t 21 yet since it was before midnight, but no one carded her 🙂  We talked to them for a while and then started walking over to Caesar’s Palace to go wait in line at Pure.  Well, we figured we would have to wait in line because it’s not like we are a super cool group of girls or anything, but we showed up and they moved us to a separate line because we were all girls and we didn’t have to wait at all!  It was pretty sweet.  Dustin and Karlie had to wait in line though.  But the place was super packed–you could barely move on the dance floor and I’m a little protective of my belly and don’t want it bumped, so I wasn’t having very much fun, but I wasn’t going to say anything.  I just wanted the girls to have a great time.  We went to go get a drink and it was like $50 for 2 and then we discovered there was no where to sit down unless you wanted to pay $300 for bottle service….lame!  So we decided that place wasn’t for us.  We left before Dustin and Karlie had to pay a cover and started bar hopping on the was back to Paris.  When we got to Paris, there is a little bar in a corner that had a DJ and band and it was actually really hoppin, so we went up and changed into flats (our feet were killing us!) and went back to that bar.  And we ran into the guys that had bought Lindsey her first drink!  They were awesome and we partied with them for the rest of the evening.  Tanya went to bed around 1 and yep, pregnant lady here was a rockstar and made it out until after 2 a.m.!  Lindsey and Lea made it back to the room around 4, and Lindsey promptly puked all over the floor 🙂  So gross!

They both felt like hell the next day, but Tanya and I made them get up and we went and walked around.  We wanted to go shopping that day.  They felt much better pretty quickly, and we left an apology note and $20 for the maid for the puke mess (Lea had cleaned a lot of it up).  Then we walked around and did a lot of souvenir shopping.  We got Nainoa his Halloween costume already too!  It was my idea and I must say I am a complete genius.  So there are men (and women) who are mostly Hispanic who wear these T-shirts that say something along the lines of, “GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS!  Girls to your room in 90 minutes or less!”  And they hand out these little cards with naked girls on them and phone numbers.  Lea and Lindsey made a bet when we first got there to see who could collect the most–quite funny actually, since most people avoid these guys like the plague.  And here are my sisters trading hugs for extra cards and asking for them!  So while we are walking around, there is a booth with a bunch of funny t-shirts and they are selling

those t-shirts that the guys wear that hand out those cards.  A lightbulb went off and I said how it would be a perfect Halloween costume.  All the girls agreed and agreed that Nainoa would be perfect for it because of his dark skin (he’s Hawaiian).  So we bought him a shirt and already had a ton of the cards!  Nainoa is actually pretty excited about it.  It’s going to be perfect!

We went to a really nice restaurant at the Bellagio for Lindsey’s birthday dinner where we sat right in front of the fountains.  We got a truffle desert in a nest of cotton candy.  It was so good!

We flew out pretty early Monday morning, so we called it a semi-early night.  And then I experienced the worst flight of my life.  I actually felt amazing the entire weekend!  Didn’t really have nausea and wasn’t too tired.  But Monday morning I wasn’t feeling the best, so I wasn’t able to eat much breakfast.  But I wasn’t too worried about it because the flight is short and we would be home in a couple hours.  So we board and notice that there is an electrician in the cock-pit.  And we sit, and we sit, and we sit.  Apparently some switch was broken or something.  So instead of not boarding us and letting us wait in the airport, they made us sit in a hot and stuffy plane for over an hour without being able to get to the bathroom or to get food or water.  I was getting really hungry and thirsty.  Then they decide they can’t fix the part, so we de-board.  Wait another 30 minutes and then board another plane.  Only to sit in that plane for another 30+ minutes because we lost our place in line to take off and it was super busy at the airport.  The plane was effing freezing too! Then they come around and won’t even offer us complementary beverages since they kept us waiting for over 2 hours and they expect me to pay $2 for some freakin water!  I was livid.  And I felt like shit.  And of course we have to hit turbulence which made me not feel good at all.  And the landing was THE.WORST.EVER.  The plane got super hot (and it wasn’t just me and my hormones–everyone was taking off their coats and trying to adjust their air flow) and the descent was super bumpy.  When we landed, I had to use one of the little throw-up bags!  I have never once gotten sick on a plane before!  Ugh, it was horrible.  And then we had to wait 45 minutes for our luggage to show.  Seriously not a good flight home.

But we survived and we were all excited to sleep in our own beds.  And I missed Daisy and John sooo much!  🙂  And of course since my symptoms somewhat subsided while I was in Vegas, I was feeling a little worried, so yesterday at 9w6d, I decided to try my at-home doppler.  And I found the baby’s heartbeat!  It was around 160-170 and absolutely beautiful!  I found it again today so John could hear!  I made a video of it too and you can watch it on YouTube by clicking here.

Symptoms?:  Have actually subsided, like I said earlier–so that’s nice  🙂

Weight gain?:  Nope–still down 1 lb.

Best thing that happened this week?:  Vegas and hearing the heartbeat at home!

Any baby-related purchases this week?:  No

Milestones reached?:  Doppler success

What size is the baby?:  A prune!

Belly picture:


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