Back from AZ and 6 weeks

Our trip to Arizona was awesome!  The packages through the Alumni Association are just great.  The flights are super easy–non-stop.  The only time you really touch your luggage is to bring it to your departure airports and then pick it up at bag claim when you get home.  We landed in AZ and there were motorcoaches outside right by where we landed.  So we just got off the plane, and onto the motorcoaches!  They loaded our luggage into a U-Haul and then brought it right to our hotel room.  The hotel was super nice!  We stayed at the Scottsdale Mariott at McDowell Mountain which is a 4 Diamond resort and right on a gorgeous golf course.  We hung out for a little bit and then Derek came and picked us up so we could go to their house and see Nicole and the kiddos (they are 14 months old).  They lived about 5 minutes from our hotel.  We found out that they were actually conceived using IVF.  They had tried Clomid for 6 months and then moved on because it wasn’t working.  I guess that’s what I get for listening to a story John told me 🙂



It was actually Derek’s birthday weekend, so the boys wanted to go out.  Nicole offered to stay home with the kids and Derek invited a couple other friends out too.  So we all went out on the town.  I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into though.  I thought I would be fine–I could stay up late and hang out at a bar or two and just sit, relax, and drink water.  And then they would have a DD and I wouldn’t have to worry about that.  Well, didn’t know that those boys wanted to bar hop!  We ended up going to like 6 bars and the last one was soo crowded and there was no place to sit and people kept bumping into me.  I was getting pissed and tried to hint numerous times that I needed to go somewhere that I could sit, but they were drunk boys and didn’t get the hint.  We eventually made it back to the hotel.  I was exhausted, had a headache, my feet killed and I started getting  a little crampy.  I know that staying up late or being on your feet for a long time doesn’t cause m/c, but I am still paranoid and want to take extra good care of myself.  So I ended up having m/c dreams that night 😦  That I was spotting and could even feel my ute contracting like it did when I m/c.  That dream sucked.  But there has been no spotting, so that is good 🙂

Sunday I met up with my old labor buddy, Andrea and her brand new son, Everett!  We went to Starbucks and grabbed coffee and it was so great to meet her and E!

Then we had the pep rally that evening in Old Town Scottsdale.  There were 35,000 Duck fans that showed up!  Only 12,000 Auburn fans went to their pep rally.  Sebastian Bach (from the old band Skid Row) performed his power ballad that he did on Jimmy Falon, Supwitchugirl performed Return of the Quack, Joey Harrington was there, Ahmad Rashad made an appearance, and Chip!  And then Otis Day and the Knights closed out the evening.  It was fun!

The next day was Game Day!  We went to the BCS tailgate because we got tickets with our package and I got to see Jesse Palmer from like 20 feet away!  He’s so hot  🙂  And then we went to the Alumni tailgate.  They were both okay, but we were mostly looking forward to getting in the stadium and to our seats.  We had Club level seats which were awesome!  The bathroom was so close (which is important since I literally go pee about 15 times a day!) and really nice concession stands and tables everywhere.  John really liked the bar 🙂  It was an indoor stadium, which was really neat.

We ended up losing 22-19 but only in the last 2 seconds of the game when Auburn made a field goal.  So it was an awesome game, our Ducks played their hearts out, and of course, we still love our Ducks!  We are so happy we went, and even though it would of made it better if we won, the whole experience was great!

And our baby made it’s first trip!  Still super bloated!  :p


6 weeks today!

Symptoms?:  Same as last week–nausea is a little worse, but nothing new.

Weight gain?:  No, well, I might have gained a couple pounds from eating like crap over the weekend like I usually do on vacation, but that will go back down by next week hopefully  🙂

Best thing that happened this week?:  It’s a good tie between the AZ trip and our u/s today

Any baby-related purchases this week?:  I did buy a sleeper thing that was on clearance at Target last week  ::blushes::  But it was only $5 and it was so soft and had little duckies all over it!

Milestones reached?:  Saw and heard the heartbeat today on the u/s!

What size is the baby?:  A Sweet Pea!

Belly picture:

Ultrasound today went great!  I was sooo nervous.  I had a melt down last night talking to John about it.  And then when we were in the waiting room this morning, we were both just dead silent.  As soon as I got in the room and was sitting on the table waiting for the u/s tech, I started crying.  She came in and asked me what was wrong and I just told her I was really nervous because I had had miscarriages.  So she got started right away.  She said she can’t really tell me anything, but she did show me that there was a heartbeat!  And that the baby was in the uterus and that I was measuring at 6 weeks!  🙂  We got to hear the heartbeat for a few seconds, but it was hard to pick up between it being so small and the way I was breathing from my little melt down.  I tried holding my breath and that was when we heard it and she got the measurement of the heart rate in between 117 and 124!  Dr. Dick said everything looked great and that I can make an appt for 3 weeks from now and we would try to listen for the hb on the doppler, and we can’t hear it on that, then we would get another u/s!  I will only be 9w1d for that appt, so I have a good feeling we won’t be hearing it at that point so I will hopefully get to see our baby again at that point!  Yay!

The baby is the blob on the left in the black circle (which is the gestational sac) and then the circular thing to the right of the baby is the yolk sac which is almost as big as baby, so that’s really good!  Once I saw that, I thought about how I didn’t remember seeing one of those with our last pg.  Dr. Dick brought it up and said that the yolk sac is very fragile and if the pg is not viable, it is usually one of the first things that goes away.  So, we can breath a little bit now 🙂


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