4 weeks!

Okay, first I would like to apologize in advance to my TTCAL friends.  I am going to post a lot about this pg, so I completely understand if you want to unsubscribe to my blog–I will still love you 🙂   And I won’t even know if you do or not, since I can’t see who subscribes.  Well, at least I haven’t figured that out yet…

So today marks 4 weeks!  Yay, my first milestone reached!  I have been a nervous wreck since yesterday because apparently the lab I go to had some technical difficulties and my results weren’t available until this morning!  I was freaking out and being a total PITA to Nurse Toni–I called her like 3 times yesterday.  She did tell me she completely understands and she was really sorry she didn’t get the results yet.  But she called me this morning and told me my results and they are looking really good!  My HcG was 81 and my progesterone was 62 at 12dpo!  My progesterone results are AWESOME so I am very happy with that number.  And I am thinking my HcG is looking pretty good too, even though I know the important thing is that it doubles.  But I went to betabase.info to compare to others’ numbers and the mean HcG level for 12dpo is 36 for a single baby and 68 for a twin pregnancy!  And I didn’t even want to look, but for triplets+, the mean at 12dpo is 78….ummm, yeah.  I’m not even going to think about that.  I really want just ONE healthy, beautiful, take home baby!

I had The Pregnancy Journal when I was pregnant last time and I really liked it.  John and I read from it every night before we went to bed to find out what was happening with our baby the next day.  And then I had like a scrapbook type book to put pictures and other stuff in.  I didn’t want to reuse them for our next baby, so I got Pregnancy Day by Day to read each night and it is awesome!  It’s full color and has awesome pictures!  I also got The Belly Book this time for pictures, mementos, cravings, measurements, etc.–I didn’t look too much in it, but it is all about the belly–it has a spot for belly pictures every week starting at week 1!  I wasn’t even officially pg then!  So I guess I will just find a picture from around that time.

But I did take an official belly picture today–more for a before picture.  I’m not really too bloated yet or anything, so the little “bump” I do have is just from me eating too much in the last year.  But I kinda feel like a dork posting this…but if this LO makes it, I’m sure I will appreciate these pictures later.


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