P4 Results :)

Nurse Toni called me back today with my Progesterone results. They were 34.something at 5dpo! Woot woot! Best results I’ve had so far!  For non-medicated cycles, they want 10, and for medicated cycles, they want 20.  I’m not sure if Clomid means medicated when it comes to P4 though…

I asked on the board if anyone knew if there was such a thing as “too high” for progesterone levels, but nobody knew. Dr. Google seems to be telling me that there is nothing bad with really high numbers.  I also can’t find anything that says that high numbers mean pregnancy–boo.  So now, I just have to wait until I can POAS.  I am thinking I will on Thursday morning, but I might try to hold out until at least Friday–but I doubt I will.  I know they will probably be BFNs that early, but, eh, that’s okay.  Hopefully they turn into BFPs!



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