I heart Clomid

So, I O’d on CD18! Woot woot! And I have a theory 🙂

Before Clomid, most cycles my body would act like it was going to ovulate around mid-cycle (CD14ish) like it should. My OPKs would get darker, I’d have EWCM, and sometimes even ovulation pain….but no positive and no O. Then when I finally would get a +OPK, I would get 2-3 days worth and usually not ovulate until the 3rd day after my 1st +OPK.

This cycle I got 1 +OPK and ovulated the next day! It was sooo nice. Seriously, when we get that first positive, we are thinking I will be O’ing the next day and usually we are already BDing for a couple days before the positive. But then I get another positive and no temp spike, and another with no temp spike. It’s stressful and draining and makes me completely hate FWP time. It was so nice to BD and then know I O’d and be done! Such a relief! It was so easy this cycle–besides the day before I O’d. John wasn’t able to finish b/c we had done a lot of BDing for a few days before that since we were off together for the weekend because of my birthday and EDD.  So my theory is, my ovaries just had a really hard time releasing the egg and the Clomid has helped!  Yay!  That combined with the minimal side effects, makes me heart Clomid.

9dpo falls on Christmas Eve, so I will be testing then. I might test at 8dpo since I have those super sensitive HPTs 🙂  We will see.

Last weekend John and I went to Portland for the weekend to get out of town.  I just wanted to stay busy and try not to think about my EDD.  So with help from Lindsey and Lea, we went and had a spa day while John went and hung out with our friend Justin who lives in Portland and Lindsey’s boyfriend, Nainoa, went with them.  My friends Emily and Jenn went also.  I got a massage, a spa pedicure, and my ears candled.  Then John and I got a hotel downtown so we got ready there and then went to dinner at Oba.

The EDD itself wasn’t too bad.  I think it was harder Saturday morning when I woke up and thought about how it was my birthday weekend–which in turn is also my EDD weekend.  I was pretty sad in the morning and cried almost the whole way out of town, but by the time I got to the spa and was around my friends and sisters, I got in a much better mood!  Massage and pedicure was great!  Dinner was A.MAZ.ING.  Went to a Spanish/Portuguese restaurant and I got what the waitress suggested for me–Swordfish and coconut rice.  OMG—so f’ing good!

DH got me a ring with my birthstone for my birthday:  (yes, my nail tips are yellow—Go Ducks!)

It is really a remembrance ring for our LO and the plan is that when we have our future babies, I will get matching rings with their EDDs birthstones’ and stack them on this one.  I love it!

Lindsey, Lea, and I exchanged our Christmas gifts also on my birthday because Lindsey was leaving for Hawaii on Sunday and will be gone through Christmas.  They pitched in together and got me an espresso machine!  It’s awesome!

Then on the EDD, John and I just slept in and then went to Buffalo Wild Wings for brunch–we LOVE BW3s.  They don’t have any in Eugene yet, so when we go to a town that has one, we always go!  And we went to OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry).  I haven’t been since I was little and John never has.  It’s basically a hands on science museum and they have an IMAX theatre.  So we watched a movie called Deep Sea, and it was pretty neato.  And they have an exhibit right now that is all about…….wait for it……PREGNANCY!  I know, awesome right  ::insert eye roll::  They had these displays for every couple of weeks during a pg where they had a clay sculpture of what an embryo/fetus looks like.  And they actually had 3 on display that were real babies–they must have died in utero and were stillborn 😦   One they had on display still inside half of a uterus, so I think maybe it was a pg women who died…so sad.  So it was interesting because pretty much being pg is all I think about now days, but at the same time it was sad because of what day it was.

So, it’s over now, and I don’t really have a day I will be dreading until probably April 6th—which was the day we got our BFP and it’s also the day before the anniversary of my brother’s death.  So I already dreaded April before this year happened and now there’s something else.  Woohoo.  Hopefully I will be pg by then, so I will have something I am looking forward to.


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