Arizona Bound!

The Ducks beat the dirty Beavers today so we are officially undefeated this season and GOING TO THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME IN GLENDALE, AZ!!!

John and I booked our trip after the Arizona game–it’s through the Alumni Association so it’s really nice because if we didn’t make it to the Championship Game, they wouldn’t charge us. We booked our trip to the Rose Bowl through them last season. It is also pretty amazing because it is a charter flight–so it is non-stop and full of Duck fans going to the game! And we will have motorcoaches taking us everywhere. Once we drop off our baggage at check-in at the airport, we don’t touch it again until we bring it to the motorcoach when we are leaving. It’s awesome! And we get to see Derek and Nicole and their twins!

Also, my labor buddy, Andrea, had her baby last week! She was team green turned blue! Everett is adorable! So I would love to see her. There are a couple other bumpies that live in the Phoenix area, so I might be able to make some time to see them also.

Clomid is going good so far. Today was day 3 and I haven’t had any too horrible side effects yet. We went to bed last night around 10:30 and I didn’t fall asleep until after midnight and slept horrible. So I’m not sure if that is insomnia from Clomid, or just excitement for the game today. I guess we will see tonight.


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