Ok, my hope fizzled Sunday morning when my temp took a drastic drop and then AF arrived that afternoon. I guess it is a good thing that my LP is longer…right?  Surprisingly, I’m not too upset about CD1.  I thought I would devastated since this was the last chance to be pg before my EDD and then with me getting my hopes up since my LP was longer….but, I’m doing well under the circumstances.

So I went in this morning for my u/s and my ovaries are looking beautiful!  I have a few follicles on each ovary, so the tech said it looks great!

And Dr. Dick wrote me a Rx for 50mg of Clomid.  I start on Thursday.  He asked if I wanted to wait until after the holidays since Clomid can make one moody.  I said I will be moody anyway since my EDD is next weekend and I won’t have my newborn for Christmas.  He said he totally understands.  I do another P4 draw on CD23 to see how well I responded to the Clomid.  If I don’t get KU and it shows that I didn’t respond well, and if we had good timing, then we will bump it up to 100mg next cycle and then 150mg the cycle after that.  Then he said that there is some shot that is even stronger than Clomid but almost definitely will mean multiples.  So I really hope we don’t make it that far!  Dr. Dick said he is confident that I will respond well and that Clomid will get me KU soon.  He said I should expect to ovulate between CD16-18, but could be sooner.  So it looks like FWP time will be during my birthday and EDD next weekend….I don’t really know what to think about that.  And he said he hopes that I am pukey the next time he sees me 🙂

I am a little nervous about the side effects, but it is sooo worth it if I get pregnant with my take home baby!

Oh, and he told me that the chances of multiples goes from 1% to 10%.  That seems like a large increase to me, so I asked if he was concerned about my slightly bicournate uterus with multiples and he said he wasn’t because mine was very slight.  So that’s good.  Of course we won’t really know how bad it can get until there is a baby in there stretching it out.

Oh please, oh please, oh please…let this work!



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