There is some hope this cycle..

Ok, I was a little over-emotional with my last post…sorry about that. I’ve been having a hard time lately with our loss since my EDD is quickly approaching.

Today is 12dpo and no sign of AF but I’ve had all BFNs for the last 5 days. My temp always drops at 11 dpo at the latest and AF arrives that day or the next. But my temp has stayed above the coverline. So I really don’t know what to think. Most people can test the morning AF is due and if they’re KU, they will get their BFP….but most people have a 14 day LP. So I know it could still be too early, but it is discouraging to see all the BFNs.

I have my u/s on Monday for cysts and then to talk about my P4 results this cycle (3 something–low but I was only 3dpo). I wanted to be able to cancel it today if I was KU, but I’m not sure yet. Man this is such a mind fuck…I just wish the BFP would show itself or AF would come so I wouldn’t be in so much limbo!

Well…all I can do is wait I guess.


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