Well, I actually ended up Oing on Sunday (CD20) so I am 8 dpo right now. I bought these new super sensitive HPTs that measure HCG when it’s at 10.  I tested this morning and I’m pretty sure it was a BFN.  I’m not completely positive though…there was a bit of the pink line on the side of the test, not the top though, so I think it might have been defective.  I will try again tomorrow!

Nurse Toni called me today with my P4 results.  It ended up being 3 dpo when I got the test done and my levels came back at 3ish.  So that’s low, but I was also only 3 dpo.  So I have an appointment for a week from today for an ultrasound and appointment with Dr. Dick about cysts, Clomid, and my P4 results.  AF is due Friday, so if she shows, I will still go to the appointment.  I’m really hoping I get to cancel though!

Thanksgiving is Thursday!  My dad and his gf, Karen, Damion, Larissa, and Savannah will all be here for dinner at our house.  I of course have to work, but I hope to be off between 2 and 3.  And then the Friday after Turkey Day is the last home Duck football game–we play Arizona.  I really hope AF doesn’t show Friday, because that would really ruin my day.  We only have 2 games left and we are still ranked #1 in the country!  Woot woot!  John and I will definitely be going to the National Championship Game in Glendale, AZ if the ducks win this Arizona game and then Civil War against the dirty Beavers on December 4th!  We have some friends that live in Scottsdale, AZ, Derek and Nicole–they both went to Pharmacy school with John and work for Walgreens.  They have twins–a boy and a girl.  Nicole was due right around our wedding date, so only Derek was able to come, so we haven’t seen much of them in the last couple years.  John opened up to Derek a little bit about our loss and Derek told him that Nicole had a m/c also and ended up using Clomid—so I have a feeling that is why they have twins  🙂  She is in her mid to late 30s also, so that could have been a factor.  Also, I have a internet buddy, Andrea, who lives in Scottsdale that I would love to meet in real life.  We were on the December 2010 board together on The Bump and became labor buddies, but then I m/c.  But we have remained in contact and she should be having her baby any time now.  So I would get to meet her LO also.  It would be a bittersweet visit.



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