Yay for +OPK

So, I got my +OPK today!  Woot woot!  I will probably O on Tuesday (CD22).  I’m glad it didn’t take a month this time, but it is still late.

I’ve been doing some more research about Clomid and cysts and asked my fellow Bumpies.  It sounds like if I do have ovarian cysts, I probably won’t get Clomid.  Clomid can make cysts worse and also can cause cysts to develop.  And then I would probably be put on birth control pills for a cycle or two until the cysts go away.  This would seriously crush me.  I don’t want to TTA!

So now, this cycle more than the past cycles, I really need to get KTFU!  I’m serious!  I don’t want to deal with the cysts crap or the stress about them or even about Clomid for that matter.  I much rather just get pg on my own!  Please please please!!!!



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