Milestones suck

Today marks 6 months since our loss and exactly one month until our due date.


I should have a big belly, our nursery should be all done, our hospital bag should be packed.

Instead, I’m busy obsessing over EVERY.THING. TTC related.

I’m tired of trying….I’m tired of waiting to ovulate….I’m tired of making my husband feel like a piece of meat.

Well, in other news, my ovary pain has gotten pretty bad. I can’t remember if I’ve written about it before, but I have ovary pain pretty much my entire cycle, along with the pain I feel when I am actually ovulating. So I am concerned I have a cyst. I called Nurse Toni and asked if we could look into it, but she said Dr. Dick wants to wait for the beginning of my next cycle (if I don’t get KU) so that way if we do see something, it will definitely not be a follicle getting ready for ovulation. So once I finally ovulate, I will make an appointment for about 2 weeks later for an ultrasound and then Dr. Dick will see me right after to go over the findings and then to talk about Clomid. I need to see if I am just taking it and that’s it, or if he is going to monitor me and if he wants me to use a trigger shot. And from what he said at the last appointment, it sounds like he will have me use progesterone suppositories one ovulation is confirmed. I really hope this works.

Oh, I wanted to add some really sad news.  I was on the m/c board tonight for a little bit and a woman who I remember from the December Mamas board when I was on there, just found out her baby doesn’t have a heartbeat at 37 weeks and she has to give birth to her baby sleeping.  My heart is breaking for her—for some reason it really hits home.  I think it’s because we both were due around the same time.  😦    I wish I could give her some comfort.



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