Not much news to report

Just back to the boring and frustrating part of my cycle where I am waiting to O. I’m only CD10, but most women are at least starting our their FWP week right now. John and I are unofficially doing the EOD approach, but I think that’s mostly because we are on vacation and not exhausted from working. And it’s been more for fun–not baby making purposes.

Vacation is just for my sanity before the holidays begin. I hate how retail makes me hate the holidays. Well, this year, I would hate Christmas no matter what since it should be my baby’s first Christmas. So we just took the week off and we are relaxing. Saturday was the Oregon @ USC game–found out today that more people watched that game then they did the World Series! Pretty crazy! We are finally ranked #1 in the BCS! We are tentatively planning our trip to the National Championship game in Glendale, AZ. There is a great chance that the Ducks will be #1 still when the Bowl season starts! Woohoo! 1st time in history that the Ducks are ranked #1! We have some friends that live in Scottsdale that we might stay with, but will at least visit with. They have 1 year old twins that we haven’t met! I’m pretty sure she got pg with them on Clomid and her husband told John that they had a m/c. I knew they were having trouble conceiving, so it would be nice to talk with her.  And my dad has a bunch of Horizon points saved up so we would be able to fly down there really cheap.  It looks like my dad and his gf would go too, so it would be awesome!  I really hope the Ducks make it!

Anywho, then after the USC game, we had a Halloween costume party.  It was a bunch of fun.  Here’s a picture of John and I–I was Marie Antoinette, post-beheading, and John was a Reno 911 guy.  That may or may not be a sock down his shorts  🙂  I got white contacts and did my own make-up.  It was actually pretty easy and I creeped myself out every time I looked in the mirror!  Oh, and Daisy was a bumble bee  🙂

On Monday, we went down to see family in Medford.  We stayed with Damion and Larissa and Savannah–she is getting sooo big!  She’s 14 months old and is starting to walk–she took her first steps just a couple days before we came down and was walking pretty good when we were there.  We took her to the swings 🙂

We came home Wednesday and have done pretty much nothing since  🙂  We took a couple cars in for some maintenance and I’m making French Dip for dinner tonight.  And then we have the UDub game that is home on Saturday and I actually have Sunday off!  Then back to the grind on Monday.  Boo!

Larissa gave me a ferning microscope to help me predict ovulation.  It’s what she used, along with OPKs, to conceive Savannah–on their first try!  Yep, FH!  :p  You basically just put saliva on it and when you see a bunch of ferns, you are ovulating.  You can usually see partial ferning a few days before you would get a +OPK, so it will help us get a few more days of BDing in.  But honestly, since I usually don’t O until 2-3 days after my first +, I don’t really think it is quite necessary.  Our timing is usually awesome, and it still doesn’t work.  But it is something else for me to obsess over, so whatever, I’ll do it.  This cycle I am experimenting.  I will use OPKs and the microscope at the same time to see how the ferning corresponds with my OPKs.  And then next cycle I will use it to help me cut down on all the OPKs I’ve been using.  It might help me with my peeing on things obsession.


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