And on to the 6th month…

After our loss.

And the 5th cycle of TTCAL.

I’m CD2 and this fucking blows.

I had a major breakdown last night. John didn’t know what to do. And my eyes were sooo puffy this morning, I was not looking forward to going in to work. FF says my average ovulation date is CD31, cycle length is 42 days, and my luteal phase is 11 days. I will not even bother saying I’m optimistic for a August baby, because my late ovulation basically makes it to where I miss out on a EDD usually every other month. I never had a chance for a June baby.

I was so upset I decided to call Nurse Toni and tell her that I’m frustrated and I don’t want to wait until after the end of the year to get some medical help with my cycles. I told her I didn’t think Dr. Dick really looked at my charts, or maybe he didn’t know that much about charting. I told her my stats and told her that all my test results have come back normal, and my cycles are the only thing that are abnormal. I told her I would like her to talk to Dr. Dick about prescribing me Clomid. She was very sympathetic and kept calling me “sweetie” 🙂 Do most people like their nurses so much more than their doctors? It was the same way with Dr. York and her nurse!

Anyway, she asked if I went and got my P4 tested again this cycle and I told her I wasn’t able to because of work—I can’t just leave work on my lunch for a quick blood draw when I work 45 minutes away. She said she would talk to Dr. Dick and call me back. When she did, she said that Dr. Dick wants me to get one more P4 draw on CD23 to make sure I don’t ovulate. She said that he said taking Clomid while you ovulate on your own could cause damage to the ovaries…..hmmm….I’ve never heard that before, but I’m not a doctor. I then told her I DO ovulate, just really late and I was concerned about poor egg quality and the lining of my uterus. I told her I chart and I know what is going on with my body and that we have great timing and I don’t understand why we haven’t gotten pg yet. She said that we need to go ahead and do the CD23 testing and then we would either look at referring me to a RE, or starting the Clomid. I then said that I know CD23 is also generally the same as 9dpo testing, so I asked her if she wanted me to wait until 9dpo, since I probably won’t O by CD23. She said no, that she wanted me in no later or earlier than CD23–which makes me believe that she is helping me get Clomid from Dr. Dick. She knows that my P4 test at CD23 will most likely say that I “didn’t ovulate” and then Dr. Dick will give me the Clomid. So….November 17th is the day.

Watch, this cycle I will ovulate at the regular time. Wouldn’t that just be my luck?


2 thoughts on “And on to the 6th month…

  1. I’m so sorry you had a breakdown. ((hugs)) I can’t tell you how many of those I have had during this process. 😦 Hopefully your doctor will agree to get you some help this cycle so you can improve your chances. I have long cycles too and I know how infuriating it is to go an entire month without even ovulating! Of course, this cycle, the first cycle I saw my RE for anovulation, I O’d on CD20. Go figure, lol. So there is hope for you yet! Good luck!!!!!

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