My lack of symptoms is making me have major MF!

I don’t ever have a problem getting MF….I have successfully convinced myself every cycle, post-miscarriage, that I am KU. And for the most part, every cycle’s 2ww has been very similar. I usually cramp pretty much the entire 2ww. It is not AF cramps though, so that’s why it would feed my MF–I would convince myself that it’s either implantation cramping or my ute growing already…yeah, I’m crazy. I also would have nausea almost the entire time, but seeing how you can’t have pregnancy symptoms at 3dpo, it’s just another example of how crazy I am and that it is totally in my head.

So, I completely expected the same type of MF symptoms to arrive promptly after I confirmed ovulation…but so far, nothing. I have had some constipation (but it was at 3 and 4 dpo so I know that isn’t real) and then some diarrhea at 7dpo (possible real symptom) and that’s it.  And then there have been a million BFPs on TTCAL in the last week or so, so it’s totally making my hopes skyrocket, even more than usual, that I am KU!  Oh, and my chart looks pretty effing amazing….

I am stupidly testing tomorrow morning at 9dpo–hey they are cheapies, so why not?  I’m sure it is waaay too early and it will be a BFN, but I don’t care, I’m doing it because I like to pee on things.  And then Monday morning I am going in to get my progesterone tested again.  Nurse Toni said I could get it every cycle to make sure my levels are good because progesterone can change daily.  I tried to convince them to test my HCG at the same time, but Toni wasn’t in on Friday and I couldn’t convince the on-call nurse to order the test because I hadn’t gotten a BFP and AF wasn’t late.  Well, whatever lady, I know what I’m doing.  I could call Toni Monday and I’m sure she would do it, but I have to work and I would have to get it done first thing at 7:30 when the lab opens and the doctor’s office isn’t open until 8 a.m.  So I will just deal with testing the old-fashioned way…

I ordered an FSH test the other day—you pee on it at CD3 and it is supposed to tell you if you produce too much FSH which could lead to infertility.  I thought, eh, why not?  It’s a test I haven’t done yet and like I said, I like to pee on things.  (I am hoping I don’t have a CD3 though….at least for 9 months.)  And I couldn’t help but laugh hysterically when I opened up the package and a temporary tattoo fell out that says “BFP Dust”—and you can bet your sweet ass I used it!  On my ass even (right butt cheek to be specific)!

For your viewing pleasure:



4 thoughts on “My lack of symptoms is making me have major MF!

    • LOL I love the tattoo! I hope it helps and that you get your BFP tomorrow! And 9dpo is NOT too early, that’s when I got my BFP the last time. 😉 **fingers crossed** for you!!!

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