Still…so frustrated

So, it’s CD26 now….still no O.

I have an appointment on Tuesday.

I am so upset about this, that I’m even mad at myself. I’m usually so optimistic and I am so negative about this cycle. I am automatically thinking the worst—that I have PCOS or something, and that AF will show here in a few days and that this is going to be my first anovulatory cycle. And that I am never going to be KU.


And I had my first pregnancy announcement since my m/c of a person that I care a lot about. It’s soo bittersweet. It’s our friends from NE and the husband was in our wedding. They got married about 3 months before ours and John was in their wedding. They just started trying a couple months ago. I was having such a good day until John told me and I tried so hard to be happy for them, but all I could do was cry myself to sleep. I am happy for them, just sad for me. And the wife was the only person (not from TB) that said something to me on FB after I changed my profile picture and said something about Faces of Loss and National Pregnancy Loss Awareness Month. Everyone else ignored it, so I guess I was nervous about posting it for nothing.

I really hope I get some good news from Dr. Dick on Tuesday. I could use a break.


One thought on “Still…so frustrated

  1. I’m so sorry. That you had to hear the pregnancy announcement from your friend, and that you are so frustrated about your cycle. Waiting for O is the WORST! I hope it happens for you soon. ((hugs))

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