So frustrated…

It’s CD21 and I really wish I was in my 2ww right now. But nope….I haven’t O’d yet. I even bumped up the Vitex to 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening. I started getting EWCM on CD13 so I was excited thinking I was going to O on time this cycle, but my OPKs never got dark enough and as of yesterday, they are pretty light. WTF body? Damn ovaries are broken I think.

I have decided that I will continue taking Vitex this cycle and if I don’t get KU (which I have to O to make that happen, by the way) then I am going to see Dr. Dick and talk about some medication to get me to ovulate on time. I am concerned about poor egg quality now. Before I was just more concerned with my 11 day LP, but another TTCALer posted that her doctor put her on Clomid because she was Oing around the same time in her cycle as I was and he put her on it because he was concerned with egg quality. So of course I had to consult Dr. Google and now I want to talk to my doctor about it. I know it’s too early to say, but it has made me feel like there is no hope for this cycle and I haven’t even O’d yet.

In other news, football is in full swing! I love college football season. We’ve had 3 home games already so we are halfway through already! The 1st two games were shutouts! I’ve never been to a game before where the other team scored zero points, so it was kinda fun, but you also start feeling bad for the other teams. This last Saturday’s game was against Stanford and we won which put us into the number 3 spot in the country! Woohoo! If we win out and either Alabama (1) or Ohio State (2) lose, then we will go to the National Championship Game! I don’t feel like that is going to happen, but I think we will at least go to the Rose Bowl again. John and I have decided that we will try to go to a bowl game if we make it to either of those 2 games. I just have to figure out how to get the time off work!

My baby sister, Lindsey is now living here in town with her boyfriend Nainoa. I love having her here! We get to spend so much time together! Between her and work and football games, my life is super busy right now. Which means time will be flying by…which I don’t want it to. I REALLY don’t want December to get here. With my EDD being the day after my birthday, I do not want to do anything for my birthday. And of course I thought I would be on maternity leave for Christmas and would actually have Christmas off from work. But nope, I’m pretty sure I will be working all holidays and it blows! I want my baby back 😦

Sorry, just not looking forward to December. John asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday. I really don’t want to do anything for that day or Christmas. But since it’s on a weekend, I told him we should do something. Not really celebrate, just stay busy and keep my mind off of it.

Why can’t people hibernate?


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