Another cycle has begun :(

AF showed yesterday 😦 I’m really sad…yet again. I was really hoping, obviously.

I did buy a new BBT. My temps are really low and I cannot find another chart in FF that has temps close to how low my temps are. So I had a regular thermometer at home and decided to take my temps on both right after one another. My regular thermometer was almost a whole degree warmer. So I bought a new BBT at Walgreens down the street.

And I decided that it is John’s turn to go through some testing. I called Nurse Toni and asked her if we could get a sperm analysis. She said that it wouldn’t be a problem and to come pick up a “kit.” I guess we were expecting that he would have to do it in the doctor’s office, but they gave us this kit that had some paperwork to fill out and a sterile cup so he could give his deposit in the comfort of our own home. 🙂 So we did that yesterday and will hopefully get some good results back in a couple days.

I guess if his spermies come back all good, then we will just keep trying. And I guess if we aren’t successful in the next few months, then we will go in and discuss the possibility of Clomid.


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