Another normal test result

Got my P4 results back today and it was 12.5. So that’s good! They like to see anything over 10, so I won’t need to be on any meds or anything.

But of course, it’s just another test under my belt with normal results that doesn’t tell me really anything about why I lost my baby, why I’ve been having my short LPs, and why I’m not pregnant yet. Errr….

But I know it could be a lot worse, so I am going to just try really hard to take this good news for what it is–good news!

So I actually ended up Oing on CD20–so 3 days earlier than last cycle! So I went in for the P4 test on 5 dpo because I read that it doesn’t really matter if it’s 5 or 7 or even 9 dpo.

I am going to try REALLY hard to wait to test until Tuesday which would be 12 dpo…but I see myself possibly testing on 11 dpo, only because my LP was 10 days last cycle, so technically, that would be waiting until after AF is due, right? 🙂

MF hasn’t been too hard on me yet. We will see if I get that big temp drop tomorrow at 7 dpo like I have the last couple cycles, not that it will make me feel any better, since obviously it wasn’t a sign of implantation. Well, at least the 2ww is half way over. Cheers!


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