What the hell FF?

My temps have been super crazy this month.  I don’t know if it is the Vitex or what.  But I have no idea why FF thinks I O’d on CD9.  It has me at 7dpo today.  I guess if I really did, it was not horrible timing and I would already be half way through my 2ww, but I am about 90% sure I did not ovulate yet this cycle.

I guess I am mostly just worried about it because I want to do that P4 testing around 7 dpo this cycle.  My last post talked about how my nurse said it didn’t matter if I O’d or not, but the girls on TTCAL, that have a lot of experience with P4 and testing for it, told me that I will not get any results for progesterone before I ovulate so I need to wait until about 7 dpo.  Toni sent me the paper work in the mail to go and do the test at a Peacehealth Lab, but it doesn’t have a date on it for when I need to go get it done, so I was just planning on going after I knew I O’d.  I don’t want to ask for another test in the same cycle, so I am just going to trust my gut feeling instead of FF and say that I haven’t O’d and I will keep BDing and POAOPK.

On another note, our friends, Chris and Emily, gave birth to their little boy, Tyler, on Thursday.  Well, he wasn’t very little.  9 lbs, 10 oz, 21 1/2 inches long!  I went to Riverbend (our new hospital) to visit and he’s adorable.  We are so happy for them.

But of course going to visit and these last couple months have been a little bittersweet.  We were so looking forward to having our babies only a few months apart.  John and Chris were daydreaming that both of them would be boys and they would play football together when they got older.  😦  I had not been to the new hospital yet and I was supposed to visit for the first time to get a tour of the birthing center.  It is a beautiful hospital though and Chris and Emily had nothing but great things to say about the nurses and staff, so I guess that’s a good thing–I will get to have a baby there someday, right?  Ugh…I hate feeling so discouraged.

John hasn’t seen Tyler yet.  He was working in Klamath Falls the night he was born, so I had to go to the hospital by myself.  And they haven’t been up for visitors for the last couple days.  They just got to come home today.  We are planning on going over there Tuesday evening and bringing dinner and Emily wants me to take some newborn pictures of him.

I look like a natural holding him, huh?  :p


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