Good news!

Talked to Dr. Dick’s nurse, Toni, today. She said that Dr. Dick is not concerned about the shape of my ute and that he is happy with the HSG results. When I mentioned how the doctor doing the procedure pointed out a “slightly bicornuate uterus” she said that Dr. Dick wasn’t going to worry about it now, but that if some other situation came up, he would definitely look into it more. She didn’t specify, and I didn’t ask, but I’m guessing she meant that if I had more m/c or infertility issues, than they would look into it more.

I then mentioned to her that I have been charting since my m/c and that I have been having 11/10 day LPs. I asked if I could get the 7dpo testing. She referred to is as CD23 testing and that yes, it would be no problem and that she could actually schedule it today for CD23. I told her that I actually have also been Oing late and that last cycle I Od on CD23, so should I wait until I confirm ovulation before scheduling? She said no, and that it didn’t matter whether I ovulated or not to do the testing. So I am very happy about that! She said Dr. Dick will probably want to check it for a couple months and then maybe subscribe Clomid.  I’m a little nervous about that though, since it increases the chance of multiples.  I will be happy with multiples, but I don’t want that to happen because of a drug since it would automatically make me high risk.  I don’t need any more risks!  So hopefully the Vitex kicks in and I won’t need Clomid.

She then said that she wanted to share her story with me because our stories sound similar.  She said before she became a nurse for Dr. Dick, she was his patient (over 13 years ago) and she came to him because of recurrent miscarriages and infertility.  They found out she was Oing late and had a 5 day LP, so he gave her an Rx for Clomid and she now has 4 healthy children.  She said it doesn’t always work, but that she is confident that Dr. Dick will help me  🙂  I thought it was very nice of her to share!

So, CD23 actually falls on Sunday, September 5th, and Monday is Labor Day, so I will have to wait until CD25 and go in on Tuesday.  She is just sending me some paperwork in the mail and I just go into any Peacehealth lab for them to draw blood.

Yay!  I hope I get some answers!


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