HSG today!

I think it went really well! Dr. Dick outsources for these sorts of procedures, so I had to go to Oregon Imaging by the downtown hospital. Yay for 2 more people seeing my vag today. I think that brings this year’s count to 8 people (including John) and Dr. Dick hasn’t even seen it yet. Yay–maybe I can shoot for 10 people this year. :p

I read a lot about the procedure before today, so I was very prepared for what it would entail. Plus I’ve seen posts by girls on TTCAL who have had it done, so I made sure to take 800 mg of ibuprofen about a half hour before to help with cramping when the dye is injected and to bring a pad because “what goes up, must come down.”

The very nice x-ray tech brought me into the exam room and explained the procedure to me. And then the main x-ray dude came in and told me the same stuff she had just done 🙂 It’s okay though, I didn’t mind them making sure I knew what was going on. First, he inserted the speculum (which he had to try a second one because the first wasn’t getting him the right angle–that was kinda uncomfortable. But I wasn’t surprised because my old gynecologist told me my cervix was at a weird angle, but not to worry because it wouldn’t be a problem with pregnancy or anything) and then cleaned the outside of my cervix around the opening with some liquid soap stuff. And then he entered a catheter into the cervix and inflated a small balloon to keep it in place. Then I moved up the table to lay down flat and they used a constant x-ray machine to view and take pictures. At this point a doctor came in to watch the dye flow. The dye filled up my uterus and then went through the fallopian tubes and then emptied out into the abdomen where it would just dissolve. I thought everything was looking normal! I could tell that my tubes weren’t blocked and I couldn’t see anything weird with my ute. But the doctor did point out that I had a small curve at the top of my uterus that makes it somewhat heart shaped. I think he called it slightly bicornuate. But he didn’t make it seem like it was a big deal, but I know he isn’t supposed to tell me too much because Dr. Dick will discuss the results with me. Hopefully he calls tomorrow.

So, I got home and I wanted to try to find a picture on Google of what my ute looked like to show John. I found out that the actual term for my ute shape is an arcuate uterus. And then I started reading articles (I know, I should stay away from internet articles!) and I found out that there is a 20% higher change of miscarriage and pre-term labor due to arcuate uterus. So what causes an arcuate uterus you ask, and why would it lead to these problems?

This is a picture that is similar to what my ute looks like.  The area where the arrow is at is where the problem is–it’s curved inward and it’s not really supposed to be.  The reason why is because the lining around the outside of the uterus is thicker in that area which can lead to the inability of the ute to expand as much as needed in pregnancy.  It can cause the water bag to rupture, causing the woman to go into pre-term labor.  It can cause miscarriages depending on where the egg implants.

So now of course I am freaking out and really worried.  There is surgery that can be done to try to fix the curve.  But that would obviously set back TTC.  I know I shouldn’t worry until I talk to Dr. Dick, so hopefully he will call me tomorrow.

I am also going to let him know about some mild cramping I have had in my lower right abdomen.  It’s almost like O pains.  It started around 7 dpo and I really thought it was implantation cramping.  But then I kept having it through AF and then after also.  In the last week I have probably had it about 4 days.  I have days where it doesn’t hurt.  It’s nothing severe, but it makes me wonder if it is maybe an ovarian cyst.  I will also ask him about doing progesterone testing at 7 dpo.  I am concerned about my progesterone levels since I’ve been having short LPs and low progesterone symptoms match up with what I was experiencing with my last miscarriage (even though I know that there could have been many different things that would lead to that m/c).  So I am hoping he is okay with the testing and will maybe get me a quick ultrasound to check to see if I have any ovarian cysts.

Ok, so back to TTCAL.  I started taking Vitex on CD1 and am hoping that I O within the next 4-5 days and that we are successful this cycle!

On a non-TTCAL note, Savannah turned 1 year old today!  She’s such a big girl!  John and I went down to Medford this last weekend for her birthday party.  I saw my Aunt Jeanie (my dad’s sister) and her daughter, my cousin Tiffany.  Tiffany is pregnant with a little girl and is due in October!  Savannah is sooo freakin cute!  She is pulling herself up now so hopefully she will begin walking soon.  I got her a plush pink rocking horse that makes noise and sings.  She loved it!


2 thoughts on “HSG today!

  1. Hey there, your blog is cute!
    A few of my good friends had bicornuate uterus and they had full-term uneventful pregnancies. Just thought I’d throw that out there =)

  2. I’m glad to hear it all went OK. As for the bicornate uterus, I’ve heard so many success stories so I’m going out on a limb and suggesting that as minor as your’s is, it’s not going to be a problem at all.

    Yay you!

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