Huge temp dip at 7dpo

Today is 7dpo for me—2 more days at least until testing. But I temped this morning and it was about 1 degree less than my other post-O temps and well below the coverline. It actually looks a lot like my temp drop last cycle that I had on 11dpo–right before AF showed her ugly face.

So of course this morning I am all depressed and telling myself that not only am I not pregnant and AF will show tomorrow, but also that I obviously have some Luteal Phase issue.

I posted on the Ten and Trying Facebook page, and Marcy suggested maybe it was an implantation dip and that she saw some charts on Fertility Friend that showed really big temp drops at or around 7dpo and then ended up being pregnant. So of course I start chart stalking and I find 3 charts in the first 5 minutes that have very big temp drops right around 7 dpo and then end up getting their BFP a few days later. Then I refer to Dr. Google and find many articles and forum postings about the same thing.

So, I am somewhat still a little hopeful, but my gut is telling me that AF will show tomorrow. I started having nausea yesterday and I’ve had it today also with some EWCM and a little bit of cramping around the area that could be the right side of my uterus. So maybe it is implantation…

Here’s hoping that tomorrow’s temp shoots up!

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