Great 3 day weekend

John and I headed over to Bend (Central Oregon) Friday night after work for his birthday and our wedding anniversary. He turned 32 on Saturday! Yep, he’s an old man 🙂 And we had our 1st wedding anniversary on Sunday.

We went white water rafting with Ouzel Outfitters–there was a group of 6 guys on a bachelor party and another family 0f 7 so we got our own raft with us and the guide! It was a ton of fun and we really enjoyed ourselves. It was on the Dechutes River and here are some pictures from different rapids.


Oak Springs:


I have a waterproof camera that I bought also, but I am having a hard time finding a place that develops film anymore, so I will put those up later.

Sunday we had a lazy morning, had a great breakfast and then headed back over the mountain for home.  We took Daisy to the dog park and then went and saw Inception, which was a great movie.

I was getting really discouraged this last week because I hadn’t ovulated and I felt like I was going to have another super long cycle like the last cycle.  I was having EWCM and my OPKs were gradually getting darker, but with no + in sight.  And then out of no where on Thursday the line started getting lighter!  I was so frustrated!  On Friday night before we left, I tested again and the line was dark, but I couldn’t quite tell if it was positive or not, so I used my digital OPK and it gave me a :)!  I was so excited but decided not to tell John.  I wanted all of our sexy time this weekend to be because we wanted to and didn’t want him to feel like he had a job to do, which he did, but I digress.  I thought I was going to O yesterday which I thought was perfect since it was our anniversary, but my temp went down even more this morning, so I am ovulating today I am pretty sure!  We’ve had some well timed BDing so I am hoping we are successful this cycle!

Today we had our 1st appointment with Dr. Dick.  He is great and I’m really looking forward to having him as my OB.  He is the longest practicing OB in the Eugene/Springfield area–20 years!  He has the lowest C-section rate in town with 5% also and he is not against inducing, but he really doesn’t induce many of his patients.  He said as long as there is no medical reason, he will not consider induction before 42 weeks, which is great!  I prefer our future baby to come at it’s own time unless I need to earlier!  I had a list of about 14 questions and I brought my medical records with me from Women’s Care.  He looked them over quickly before he met with us and he actually started answering all my questions before I even asked them.  I’m happy that he tests betas for women with recurrent miscarriages and he will also check my progesterone.  He said he is for progesterone supplements if I test low and as long as he sees the heartbeat, but he doesn’t put just anyone on the supplements, so that’s good to me!  He also delivers 95% of his patient’s babies and can deliver at any hospital in town.  He didn’t really tell me anything I hadn’t read about my MTHFR diagnosis, but it was nice to have him tell me about it in person.  He thinks since I am heterozygous, that it has nothing to do with my miscarriages and he believes that my 4mg Rx for Folic Acid is aggressive, but he said we can stick with it now, it’s just not something he wants me to be on long term.  I guess he does a lot of clinical trials and testing and he said a new founding just came out that long term use of Folic Acid in large doses can cause neurological issues, but he said long term is 5 years or more and we are hoping I won’t have to be on it that long 🙂  So, if this cycle doesn’t work out for us, he is actually going to have me come in for an HSG which he feels is more sufficient testing than the SHG.  I am hoping we get our BFP in a couple weeks, but if not, I am glad he will want to continue with testing.

So all in all, this has been a great 3-day weekend!


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