Just waiting to O

So, this is my least favorite party of TTC.  I worry about when I will actually ovulate, and if my timing is going to be good, did I go pee too quickly after BDing…etc, etc.

And I don’t know if it’s because I didn’t get to have my SHG, so I’m having some mind thing going on…but I’ve had small cramps here and there on my right side for daaayyyss now.  It’s not O pains, because I do get those and these are different.  Sometimes they are pulsing or small twinges, or more of a constant pain.  Nothing big, but I keep thinking I have polyps or something in my uterus since I know that’s what my crappy ex-OB was planning on checking for.  I’ve never had mid-cycle spotting or constant cramps before, so I’m sure that if I did get the test done, it would’ve come out clear.  This is worse than MF (mind fetus)!!!  I just wish I could tell the future so I would know when I will O….well, why stop there, I wanna know when I’m going to get KU (if ever)!

Husband is leaving town tomorrow night.  I have a birthday party to go to so I’m hoping to be home in time before he leaves so we can get some BDing in.  Bow chica wow wow  🙂


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