Are you effing kidding me???

I am sooo pissed off right now! My SHG has been canceled because the stupid doctor’s office can’t figure their shit out! This is the last straw–I requested my medical records and I will find another doctor!

They scheduled the actual procedure today and then a follow-up appointment with my doctor for tomorrow. I was already annoyed because I have to take 2 days off of work for this and John and I both had to use a sick day for it. But they said they were really booked and since I have to do it before I ovulate and after my period is over, the timing is important.  The office told me that since my doctor wasn’t in the office on Tuesdays, I needed to schedule the procedure today and then go in tomorrow to talk to my doctor because they didn’t have an ultrasound machine available tomorrow.

I go in today and they didn’t schedule a doctor to do the procedure, just an ultrasound tech. Do they think I’m effing pregnant or something?  Do they not know what the hell they are doing?  Nope, they don’t.  I joined Angie’s List last week and I will be writing up a very detailed review!  And to top it off, it was the same ultrasound tech that I saw at my 1st ultrasound when I was pregnant.  She said, “Oh the baby looks great, really good heartbeat, congratulations!”  I pointed out that maybe I should be concerned since the baby was measuring almost 3 weeks behind, and she said, “Oh you just probably ovulated late!”  And then I stated no, I know exactly when I ovulated.  And then she say, “Well, maybe you just ovulated twice, everything looks great!  No reason to worry!”  **tosses her blond hair**  “Hehe!”  Fucking idiot…you are NOT supposed to say anything!  The doctor is supposed to tell me whether my baby looks good or not–which she didn’t, she had the same concern as me.

Anyway, I really wanted to point out to her that she should learn how to keep her mouth shut.  She wanted me to reschedule for next week, and then proceeded to tell me about the procedure.  Uh, don’t you think I freakin know why I am here?  I did my research and I know what the hell is going on.  You’re the one who doesn’t know enough about the procedure to know that I can’t have it next week!  I will probably have ovulated by then!  Ugh!

So, with all the issues I have had since my miscarriage with this doctor (see TTCAL post), I have requested my medical records and we are never going back to our doctor or that practice.  John and I came home and started researching more OBs in our area that are covered by my insurance.  It was not easy because there are 2 practices in our area that have like 10 OBs and all are covered by our insurance, but they are both Women’s Care which is where I was going.  I don’t want to go to the other Women’s Care either, because a lot of the issues have been with the office itself, not just the doctor.  So we found a Dr. Richard Beyerlein that has a lot of great reviews online, he delivers to the hospital I like, and there were even reviews from women with miscarriages and infertility.  I’ve never had a male doctor besides my family doctor, and I have always preferred a woman, but at this point, I don’t care.  I just want a good doctor!  Once I get my medical records, I will schedule an appointment with him to see where we go from here.

I hope today gets better….


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