Met Marcy today :)

So I drove up to Salem today to meet with Marcy for lunch at Word of Mouth.  She is one of my TTCAL  buddies who lives in Philadelphia and was in Portland to visit her childhood friend, so we met half way so we could meet each other.  It was great and so much fun to meet someone in real life who has gone through a lot of the things that I have gone through.  Word of Mouth was really good too.

Larissa and Savannah came up yesterday to visit for the day.  Larissa came up to get a tattoo today–it is Roman Numerals for her and my brother’s wedding date…their 5th year anniversary is next week.  So it was great to spend some time with her and Savannah.  She is seriously the cutest baby ever 🙂

And here soon I get to leave to go to the Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube concert here at the Cuthbert.  It’s an outdoor amphitheater, so it should be really nice in this perfect weather!!!  Our friends Amber, Duane, and Kristal are meeting us there so it will be a blast 🙂

snoop dogg,ice cube


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