So….after the loss I was posting on the MC/Loss board mostly.  I lurked a lot on the TTCAL (trying to conceive after loss) board, but some of the ladies on there seemed a little intimidating to me.  So I lurked for a good 2 weeks or so.  Then I did a small intro and would just post congrats on BFPs (Big Fat Positive–as in they got a positive pregnancy test) or say welcome to newbies to the board.  I learned a TON about fertility from those women and decided to join Fertility Friend.  It’s an online charting webpage.  It tracks your basal body temps, cervical fluid, and you can put in your BD/FWP time (Baby Dance or (excuse my French) Fuck with Purpose—aka well timed sex).  I wanted to get pregnant again as soon as I possibly could once the doctor gave me the okay, and I thought charting was a great way to make that happen.

I also reached out for some buddies on the MC board.  I said I was looking for a TTCAL buddy who had some things in common with me.  I asked for someone with an early loss (I believe that all pregnancy losses are devastating no matter how far along you are, but I think that if you have a later loss vs. a early loss, there can be a lot of differences in the situations).  I also asked for someone who would be TTC soon and who didn’t have a hard time getting pregnant.  I know that I don’t have too difficult of a time getting pregnant, it’s just staying pregnant is my problem.  I just wanted a buddy who had similar situations as myself and then I had a little daydream of us turning into labor buddies 🙂

Well, I had a large response to my “ad.”  We now have a TTCAL group of 10 ladies.  We have a secret Facebook page and we discuss all sorts of things…our loss, TTC, and just everyday things also.  Here is the badge I created for us:

We voted on the name and most of us have it in our signature on the Bump.  I actually get to meet one of the girls on Friday this week!  She lives in Philadelphia, but she is coming to Portland to visit a friend, so we are going to meet for lunch half way in Salem!  I can’t wait!

I had my 2 week follow up appointment with my doctor to see how I was doing after the D&C and to discuss the loss and what kind of testing we would do.  My dr said we could try again right away and she did want to do some testing.  She ordered an RPL (repeat pregnancy loss) blood panel so I gave 8 vials of blood (ew) and then she said once I have my period again, she wants to do an HSG–it’s where they put a catheter into my uterus and inject dye in there and then take xrays to make sure everything looks good.  She said that if AF didn’t come within 6 weeks to call and make an appointment and she would give me something to jump start my period again so we could do that test.  I had specifically asked for testing to be done on the tissue (or product of conception as they like to call it–I effing hate that term), and at the follow up I asked and she said it was too early and that they didn’t do any testing.  I was a little irritated because I asked for them and John and I don’t care what it costs right now, even if it came back that they couldn’t find anything.  But I just decided to get over it and that I would just never know and then work on moving on.

Then I got a call from some lab tech a couple weeks later.  It was on a Friday evening and I was at work and of course didn’t get the message until after they were closed.  The lady said that my doctor is prescribing me 4mg of folic acid and to start taking them right away.  And that was it! I couldn’t believe they didn’t give me more info.  So John and I did a lot of research and it looks like everything was pointing to MTHFR.  So I called on Monday and asked to speak to either the Dr or her nurse and they had the freakin lab tech call me back again!  She did say that it was MTHFR, but there are about 4 different kinds, and she didn’t know what kind.  I started listing the different kinds, and then she was like, “Oh, here it is, you have heterozygous c677t MTHFR.” Freakin idiot, you should have just told me that in the first place.  I had read a lot about it, so I asked why I wasn’t also told to take a baby asprin and B6 and B12.  She said she would ask the dr and call me back.  She called back 2 days later saying I needed to make an appt.  Errr…so annoying.

So I self prescribed the baby asprin, B6 and B12.  The type of MTHFR I have is very common (40% of the population have it).  MTHFR is actually a gene we all have, and what I have is a type of mutation.  It hasn’t been proved or dis-proved, but it can lead to blood clotting issues and the inability to absorb folic acid.  Most doctors do not think it is related to pregnancy loss, but a lot prescribe the folic acid and baby asprin as a precaution.  And the B6 and B12 just help in the absorption of folic acid.  And since they won’t hurt me at all, I just decided to start taking them anyways.  I was nearing the 6 week mark when the lab tech told me to make an appointment, so I just decided to wait and I would make the 2 appointments together so I would only have to go in once.

So, I hit the 6 week mark and called to make an appointment and they totally gave me the run around because my dr didn’t put any notes in my chart.  Finally heard back from a nurse and my dr was on vacation and wouldn”t be available until 7/14th.  So annoying.  I made the appointment but I’ve actually canceled it since then. Finally, on Cycle Day 50 (CD50–6/30/10)–yes!  It took 50 days post miscarriage for me to finally ovulate–I ovulated.  John and I had some pretty well timed BDing, and I was feeling okay about it.  I am not getting too excited or anything but I’m also not trying to stress about it either.  But this morning when I temped, I had a huuuge temp drop, which is usually a good sign that you are not pregnant.  Of course, I won’t really know for sure that I’m not pregnant until AF shows up, but I have a pretty good feeling that I am out this cycle.  I decided to cancel that appointment because since I O’d I knew that I would either have AF or be pregnant by that time, so I didn’t want to go in for nothing.

I am irritated about my doctor because of all the the things I talked about.  I don’t like how she handled the D&C, or how I haven’t really been given much information about MTHFR.  I want a doctor who is going to be very proactive to make sure that I get my sticky, healthy, take home baby this next time!  I’m not messing around and at this point we don’t really care what it costs.  So I have been trying to do a little research on OBs in my area, but it isn’t very easy.  I wish they all had to have profiles or something that they put together to tell patients what they are passionate about and when their style of care is…

That’s all for now!  🙂

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